We beat the Beast!

Almost, anyway!

After putting our grading back by a week thanks to the Beast from the East, it was brilliant to see so many students at Tigers HQ in Buckie last weekend for the first grading of 2018.

Here’s how it went down!

Teens and Adults

Red Belt
Jordan Thomson
Eilidh Cryle
Owen Elmquist

Yellow Belt 
Sheridan Williams

Orange Belt
Sinead Mariner

Green Belt
Niamh Mariner
Mike Dee
Alan Dunkley

Blue Belt
Colin Morrison
Cara Coull

Purple Belt
Rhuairidh Barclay

Advanced Belts
Archie Liddle (brown/white)
Lucy Adam (brown/black)
Thomas Pirie (red/black tags)


Tiger Cubs

Red Belt
Murray Woolloff
Isla Park
Erin Bruce
Alexis Philip
Daisy Wilson

Yellow Belt
Haydn Green

Green Belt
Logan Cruickshank

Blue Belt
Aiden Grant
Leith McRailt-Young
Lexie Bain
Liam Morrison

Purple Belt
Alex Gall
Hayden Gall

Brown Belt
Callum Coutts-Trotter

Advanced Belts
Hayden Taylor (brown/white)
Rio Gordon (brown/white)
Harry Woolloff (red/black tags)


Tiny Tigers

Red Belt
Ollie Crane
Connor Crystal

Yellow Belt
Aaron Finnie
Ryan Finnie
Kieran McIntosh
Esme Sutcliffe

Orange Belt
Emily Hibbett

Green Belt
Maia Dee
Conor Erskine
Alfie Cormack
Jake Ennals
Lucas Whittle
Sophia Williams-Chitty

Purple Belt
Hadden Dunkley
Joshua McNeil

Brown Belt
Josh Sharp

Advanced Belts
John Mosley (green/black)


Congratulations to all the students, everyone did an amazing job. The club is going from strength to strength, with new students getting their first belts and experienced fighters getting closer to the Black; it’s going to be an exciting year for the club.



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